Innovate Carolina presents: The Future of Work Signature Series, Fall 2023

Innovate to Impact

Created by Innovate Carolina, the Signature Series tackles challenges that matter to North Carolina and the UNC-Chapel Hill community by facilitating collaboration and connections. This series helps problem solvers move more inventions and valuable ideas into the world faster, making the greatest social and economic impact possible.

Through events and programming designed to inspire and inform, the series provides opportunities for participants to learn from and network with industry experts, academic researchers and the extended business community. The Signature Series sparks new collaborations between industry and university experts while also creating new economic development opportunities.

This event series is housed in the Innovate Carolina Junction, just steps away from campus.

The Future of Work

This fall, the Signature Series examines the future of work, a complex topic that industry, startups, academia and community members are working to prepare for, whether their challenges are big or small. According to the World Economic Forum, companies predict that 42 percent of business tasks will be automated by 2027, and employers estimate that 44 percent of workers’ skills will be disrupted over the next five years. In addition, six in 10 workers will require training before 2027, but only half of workers have access to adequate training opportunities today.

By addressing the intersection of technology, talent, and trends in the future of work, individuals, organizations and policymakers can anticipate and navigate the transformative changes ahead. Join us to unlock opportunities for growth, innovation and sustainable work environments.

Signature Series News

The Future of Work Unveiled at The Junction

Innovate Carolina, the department of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, launched its inaugural Signature Series at The Junction with the aptly titled “The Future of Work: Talent, Technology, and Trends” on September 7. The event brought together a diverse panel of experts from Gensler, Innovation Lab U.S. and Deloitte to explore the evolving landscape of work.

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How hybrid should your workplace be? Four tips for finding out.

According to a group of workplace strategists from Steelcase and design thinking experts from UNC-Chapel Hill, creating modern work environments isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer—but it’s a critical issue that most organizations need to figure out. The experts joined other University and industry leaders for a recent Signature Series workshop at the Innovate Carolina Junction, where they dove into what it takes for organizations to find the right work-model fit for the future.

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Should you have AI anxiety? Seven questions for the future of work.

How worried—or excited—should you be about artificial intelligence? Will it change how you work, make your job easier, or replace you altogether? A panel of faculty experts from UNC-Chapel Hill share observations, insights and advice for leaders who are contemplating how AI will shape the future of their organizations—and what this rapidly emerging technology may mean for how we work and live in the not-so-distant future.

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Virtually limitless: How can you work smarter with AR/VR technology?

Creating imaginary worlds. Visiting different times and places. Experiencing the real world in new ways. If the thought of using virtual or augmented reality (AR/VR) for your business seems like a far-fetched idea better suited for a kid’s video game, step back and do a mental reboot. A group of company leaders and UNC-Chapel Hill faculty shared how organizations across all industries, from financial services to retail to health care, are creating major advantages with these technologies—and how you can, too.

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